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I want art to be affordable, accessible, and plentiful. I want everyone I know to have original art in their homes, offices, garages, closets. I want folks who consider themselves collectors, people who have never even thought about art, and everyone in between to see something compelling, beautiful, or evocative in some way, and have it. I want art to be as fun to find and spend money on, and demonstrate as wide a price range, as your favorite sporting good or handbag. The bottom line is, I want more people to buy more art, and I want to sell more art.

Of course there are as many ways to accomplish this as there are people and paintings. If I paint your favorite spot, favorite person, favorite pet, it’s relevant to you. If I capture an animal or a setting or a scene that reminds you of another, it’s nostalgic. If the light and shadow, or the colors or composition, or the brush strokes or background, are beautiful to you, you’ll want to look again and again. If I exhibit my work in a gallery or a shop you happen to walk into, maybe it’s love at first sight. But the question remains, what makes it possible for you to have art, rather than see it and move on, especially when rent is due, or the kids need diapers/braces/tuition, or you didn’t get the year-end bonus you hoped for?

My part of the bargain is to make art as often and as honestly as I can, and to sell it as affordably as I can. I have a strong faith in the creative process; if I keep creating, my art will improve, my art will sell, and the cycle will continue. If I can cover the expenses of supplies and time, I can paint, learn, grow, and produce, and someone somewhere can feel the pride and thrill of having or giving original art.

So if you see something you like, and you like the price, please comment through the site or email me that you’re interested. I’ve calculated prices based on size, medium, and how much time it took me to paint them, and a little something for packing and shipping. I currently have cards and prints of some paintings at The Homeroom, a home decor store and gallery in West Yellowstone, MT. These ladies are fabulous and will take good care of you if they have anything you want. If you contact them, they will handle your payment and shipment. Their # is 406.646.7621. Do what you can, I’ll do what I can, and we’ll get more art out in the world.

Like any conversation, half of what I’m doing is listening. If you have requests, ideas, a story you want to tell, that favorite spot, person, or pet you want to capture, send them my way.  Yes, subscribe to this site so new posts come straight to your Inbox. Yes, keep watching to see what comes next. But I want you to be part of the process, not just the audience. Inspire, seek, buy and love Cheap Art. Thanks.



    • I don’t, but I could put one together. So far, it’s been easiest to work individually with a particular person and a particular piece. They range from $25 or so – $300 tops with shipping. If you’ve got your eye on something, just let me know!

  1. Jen: In the 12/14 issue of the BRF newsletter I saw one of your birds (herron?) that I liked. What is the status of that particular painting? -Mark

    • I just added you, but maybe not in time for today’s post? This time I will forward it, and then you’ll be in the loop. No one likes to be out of the loop. I love you.

  2. Hey there,
    Has the Wild Burros Study been snapped up yet? If not, what’s the price?

    Hope you’re doing well – love reading your posts. I did purchase and began to work my way through The Artists Way. Lots of good stuff there, but I’m ashamed to admit, I got a little sidetracked. I’ll keep it up, though – thanks for the recommendations.


    • Hey lady!! I just checked your FB page the other day, and was admiring your life, your cheekbones, your photography, and your Wine trip! The Wild Burros are yours at cousin price. Love to you.

  3. Jen,

    I really liked the fox face. Can you either email me or let me know how much you’d like for that painting. Missed you guys this summer. Had some issues that I needed to take care of so we didn’t make it out this year. Have our trip booked for next summer, though.


  4. Hi Jen
    Good day to you!
    I am interested in your ‘Funky Moose’, Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 16″ and your ‘Aspen Study’.
    Would you mind e-mailing me the costs on those two?
    Terry Jo

  5. Oh met you in Yellowstone a LOVED the Mini Donkey painting, but it was gone before I could get it, any chance of doing another?

    • Dawn, HI!
      I emailed you, and hope you got it. Check your Spam folder. If not, let me know, and I’ll contact you again. I’d LOVE to do another donkey. Or a series – I’m pretty fond of that little guy…

  6. Hi Jen-
    Jan Stoddard here.
    I am interested in any moose paintings and a larger mule painting. We bought a small one at the WY Mistletoe and I would like to get a larger one to compliment it!

  7. We have your (older, and not on “gone but not forgotten” page) purple bear. I’ve got a few questions about it. Could you email me?

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