Gone But Not Forgotten (SOLD)

I’ve been asked to archive SOLD pieces, so folks can look at them all in one place, without feeling frustrated after reading about a work or spotting it on a page only to find it’s no longer available. I don’t want to remove the pictures from the posts however, so I hope this isn’t confusing. It’s meant to be helpful. These paintings are gone, gone, gone, and appear here in no particular order. Thanks for looking.

                                                                                                           Indian Paintbrush Abstract 3 Bouquet on Chair Sebastian    IMGP0654 Foxes Alert Fox Kit Fox Pair Grizzly Mosaic  One Mule John Dodd 2 Raven Study 2 Antelope HR Bison Spring Bison Two Pigs Beets image image image image image image image Warm Magnolia, Oil on Canvas, 6" x 4" Another Magnolia image Practice Mule Study Left Study Right 01d5d0b080126d169d7287b5ede8b0ef8f9cd328da image Grey Horse, Watercolor, 4" x 6" Paint Study, Watercolor, 4" x 6" image Horse in Motion I 01bfc2ee73e4352bea4f6faa1b6a1a24fbbc22beb3 011686390c922d11baab9a61227a6e697241733fb6 Go Forth, Watercolor, 8 x 8 original, $60 Horse in Motion II image 015ab6f118440b6a7a58ad69d777153db2aea1a2b9  01d1f8e8502c07936f6b4340ad5b9f28f1cf13c875 01907ac05314f55b9a957743bb5c85d1b2a80d48d6 image image image image image image  image image image image image image image imageimage image image image image image image IMG_5027 image

5 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten (SOLD)

  1. Tad Sweet on said:

    My wife (Carroll) and I enjoyed the website and she wants to talk to you about doing a commission for a spot in our new house in Bozeman.

    What // when is the best way for her to meet with you?


  2. Char Smith on said:

    Hello Jen,
    My husband and I have been admiring your work for years. We have a home in Boise and a cabin at Henry’s Lake. We would like to talk with you about a piece for over our mantle in Boise. I am particularly drawn to the boldly colored bison. Thank you for your response.

  3. Brad Jolitz on said:

    Hi Jen!

    Love your work. My girlfriend’s parents have your “Chester” Moose painting at their Henry’s Lake home – and I’ve been asking about it for years. Glad I finally found your blog. Do you do commission paintings? You have a few Gone but not forgotten pieces that I love.


    • Brad, I’m honored. Sorry it took me a couple days to respond. I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. Adopt a horse and see what happens?
      I would love to work with you on a painting, and I can’t tell you how bizarre and flattering it is to be “found.” Thank you. I’ll email you, and we can go from there. Happy fall! Thanks again!

  4. Terry on said:

    I have fallen in love with your painting of the donkey with the messy hair. I see that I’m too late to purchase it. ugh!

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