Gone But Not Forgotten (SOLD)

I’ve been asked to archive SOLD pieces, so folks can look at them all in one place, without feeling frustrated after reading about a work or spotting it on a page only to find it’s no longer available. I don’t want to remove the pictures from the posts however, so I hope this isn’t confusing. It’s meant to be helpful. These paintings are gone, gone, gone, and appear here in no particular order. Give it a second to load the whole page, and thanks for looking.





  1. My wife (Carroll) and I enjoyed the website and she wants to talk to you about doing a commission for a spot in our new house in Bozeman.

    What // when is the best way for her to meet with you?


  2. Hello Jen,
    My husband and I have been admiring your work for years. We have a home in Boise and a cabin at Henry’s Lake. We would like to talk with you about a piece for over our mantle in Boise. I am particularly drawn to the boldly colored bison. Thank you for your response.

  3. Hi Jen!

    Love your work. My girlfriend’s parents have your “Chester” Moose painting at their Henry’s Lake home – and I’ve been asking about it for years. Glad I finally found your blog. Do you do commission paintings? You have a few Gone but not forgotten pieces that I love.


    • Brad, I’m honored. Sorry it took me a couple days to respond. I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. Adopt a horse and see what happens?
      I would love to work with you on a painting, and I can’t tell you how bizarre and flattering it is to be “found.” Thank you. I’ll email you, and we can go from there. Happy fall! Thanks again!

  4. I have fallen in love with your painting of the donkey with the messy hair. I see that I’m too late to purchase it. ugh!

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