Most artists have Collections of, say, Portraits, Landscapes, and I don’t know, Bison. I’ve been asked to make it easier to look through my paintings to see what’s available, and what isn’t. Therefore, my collections are as follows: SOLD and NOT SOLD. Clever, I know. Let’s all keep in mind that selling art is not what it’s all about, but for the sake of this Cheap Art business, I hope these archives will help. I’ll try to keep up with changes, and I’ll try to keep new work coming in to fill the gaps. It’s that circulation and stimulation to create new art that does it for me.  Maybe this little bit of organization will do it for you. Thanks for looking.

Click HERE to see AVAILABLE Cheap Art
Click HERE to see SOLD Cheap Art




  1. I am very interested in foxface and rodeo. I would like rodeo in a larger painting if possible. I just was introduced to you work through BRF. I live in Helena with my wife and love your work. Thank you for your website.

    Joel and Andrea

    • Joel and Andrea,
      Thanks so much! I’m glad you found me. I left a message for you – check your email (maybe your Spam folder). I am thrilled you like these pieces, and hope we can get some Cheap Art to Helena! Jennifer

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