Artist Statement

Jennifer Holyer lives in West Yellowstone, Montana (and sometimes warmer, more Southern places).

I’ve been painting since my parents signed me up for lessons in 4th grade with a blue-eyed, sweet-faced, soft-spoken artist in our hometown of Picayune, Mississippi. She turned into my high school art teacher, and opened a world of color, lines, shapes, courage and creativity to me. I still remember trying to capture just how the light hit those green bottles in my first still life. Since then I’ve had college professors and private instructors with different styles and strengths, and I continue to seek out artists, teachers, workshops, and the opinions of laymen to help my style evolve and my accidental talent develop.

I fell in love with the West and its wildlife before I moved to Montana, and have been painting in that theme for the last several years. I also love domestic animals, still lifes (lives?), and scenes from real life (lives). My work is bright, close up, and colorful. I love the way light meets fur, eyes, and those rib and muscle lines of animals, and how it highlights and changes the colors of botanical and inanimate objects. Most of my paintings reflect a sense of peace and stillness, along with a happiness and openness. The landscapes of the West and of the sea (I also sail) are so spectacular, so masculine and feminine, so filled with color and movement, and I am still learning how to capture and include that vastness in my work. I use oils, watercolors, pastels and acrylics, and find the practice more than the medium is the challenge and the joy of painting. There is discipline, surprise, affection for the subject, and a little bit of my personality in every finished work, and hope for what’s to come in every beginning.



  1. Hi Jennifer! Wow your paintings are fantastic! But I do remember seeing your work when you were here in Birmingham… especially the cows? Could that be right?

    Hope you are doing well. I’m still working in non-profit (I’m with Childcare Resources), paddling, fly fishing, boating, etc. I’ve recently taken up cycling (in celebratino of my 60th!!!)

    All the best to you,


  2. Hey long lost friend! I am back at CcR as the Infant/Toddler Specialist. Chuck and I are still married and Carleigh is 9 and in 3rd grade and believe it or not Chloe is a freshman at Alabama!!! How are things with you? I have thought about you so often and when Val got this email she shared the pics and I wanted your email. Keep in touch!

  3. I think you have a great future My wife and I have been collecting art for just over 20 years Yours cows are very good please let me know prices Iam a friend of Julia and Carlie

  4. As a connoisseur of ravens and moose, I find yours just fantastic. Those ravens look as if they might just tell me the meaning of life, next time I see ’em.

    Love ya dearly! So happy to view your art online…

    • Thanks so much. YOUR work is stunning. Your details are beautiful, and your shapes and lines seem perfect (not in the stuck kind of way, but in the it’s flowing and you’ve got it kind of way). Thanks for introducing yourself. Take care!

    • Not yet, but I’ve got some Great Blue Herons and some oranges in the works. Maybe it takes getting to the Bahamas to really get tropical. Keep watching. I just got some really bright oranges, blues and reds I’m dying to use, and I’ll bet you’re dying to see. Stay warm Lan. Thank you!

  5. Hi Jen,

    When we were last talking dry flies, truth, beauty and the vicissitudes of love over the counter at Blue Ribbon Flies, I had no idea you were a wonderful artist as well as a wordsmith. I love your pieces (and of course the connection of many of them to Yellowstone country). Please add me to your mailing list (unfortunately I’m too cheap for even cheap art, but daydreams cost nothing). When the chokecherries start to blossom along the Henry’s Fork, I hope you’ll be back out West (and in West) enhancing the scenery and ambience at BRF!


    • You. Oh Bill. YOU are a peach. I can’t WAIT to see you when the chokecherries blossom. Thanks for the kind words, and your unending sweetness. Have a wonderful winter, and keep watching…

  6. Jen,

    I saw the article in the BRF newsletter and little did I know that you were such an awesome artist. Much like Bill, having talked to you so often on the phone and at the shop, I didn’t realize that you painted such beautiful pieces. I notice that some of the pieces have already sold……I was wondering the best way to contact you regarding one of the paintings that I liked.

    Carlos Escalante

    • Carlos, Hi! Thanks for looking, and thanks for your interest (and kind words)! Really good to hear from you. I always see comments, and then I can email you directly. In fact, check your Inbox! See you next summer!

  7. Merry Christmas Jen,
    Wow, I am deeply touched by your art; I mean jaw-dropping!
    Thank you for sharing your gift of expression on canvas and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have fun swattin skeeters in sunny Forida!

    • Merry Christmas to YOU! Thanks Laura. Keep an eye here for something colorful, to relieve the January – February snow blindness. You are always always so positive and so warm. Thank you for that too. You stay toasty and busy, and I’ll see you in the spring (July?, no May!).

  8. Jen–Wow! What a pleasant surprise to see your work. Did not realize that this was part of your creativity! Yep, Huck would be a natural. Susie and I saw West. Y. in the off season when Molly and Joe became the “Moores”–a big event in our lives! Quite a sight to see few or no vehicles on Canyon Street but fun to be there at this time of year. Saw Bald eagles along the Misissippi R. this am–have you painted them? Really like your work. Enjoy the warm. Tom (“Joe’s Dad”)

  9. Jen,

    I had the priviledge of seeing one of your pices through Mr. Lex Jackson. You do wonderful work. I saw a painting on line called “Grace” and it is of a great blue herring. I am interested in purchasing this piece. Can you please email me when you have a minute and provide me information on the painting.

    Thank you and happy holidays,

    Tina Wagner

    • Thank you! If you enter your email at the bottom of each page, where it says “Stay Tuned”, you will subscribe to Cheap Art, and every new post will be sent directly to your Inbox. I really appreciate your time and your kind words! Happy 2010.

  10. Wow! We are impressed with your art work, I really haven’t had time to look at everything yet. So far, I particularly liked the Rooster on the calendar, but I don’t need a calendar.

    We had a delightful visit with your mom and dad on Friday and Dorothy told be about the web site. Cool.

    How much would you charge for the Rooster w/o the calendar?
    Beth Crow

    • Hi there! Great to hear from you, and THANK you!
      I’ll work on a rooster this week, show it to you, see what you think, and we can go from there. I’m so glad you like him.
      Thanks again. You’ll hear from me soon.

  11. Jen, I just tried to send you an email and it bounced back undelivered. Bummer… Drop me a mail and I’ll resend.
    Cheers, Cezanne

  12. Jen, each time i see one of your paintings i am blown away with how beautiful they are! I love when i see them in different houses & businesses. I’m saving up to soon be one of those houses that occupies one of your originals.

    Keep up the fun adventures through life! I’m glad that our paths have crossed.

    xo Kelli

  13. Jen, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes gripped by your beautiful art and insightful words. I was excited to find your name on Facebook and even more giddy when my friend request was accepted. I immediately went to your wall and info pages which led me to your website where I was literally sucked in. And, if you ask me, I think we’ve earned enough brownie points to start and end anything with a preposition!

    As I get older, I find myself thinking about and longing for the ‘good old days,’ and you are one of those people I remember most vividly. You exuded beauty and wisdom in everything from your style to your handwriting. I remember your handwriting. I wanted that handwriting. It was carefree and whimsical with a dash of charm and and a hefty pinch of class all tied up with a ribbon of intensity and attitude that I desired and even envied at times. I’m glad to see you haven’t changed a bit! Count me as a fierce fan, and I hope we can keep in touch and perhaps catch up along the way. – Patrice

  14. Hey my long lost sweet talented friend! Boy do I miss u!!! I love ur paintings! As u probably remember, I share your deep love of the sea as eric shares ur love of the west. Perfect artist for us!!! Ill be in touch because I want to get a couple. I hope u r well and I have enjoyed reading ur blog. I miss our chats at the YW. Take care! We have two crazy boys that keep us on our toes, luckily I have some training that may be useful!!! 😉

    Katy mccain

  15. Jen
    Keep doing what your doing!!!!! Sure miss seeing over the counter at BRF. Thanks for all the assiatance over the years & thank you for Cheap Art. Paint what ever you want!

    • I can just see you right in front of me, your grin and your warmth right there, giving me all this permission and freedom to have fun. I. Miss. You. Hope you’re well Jim, and hope I get to see you next year. Have a terrific Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for you.

  16. Great picture of Linus! Shug and Celie are also 12 years old. I still have pictures of Linus and Shug wrestling in the floor at the cottage. Take care, Annie

  17. Hi Jennifer, I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we use to go to Westside Elementary together. My name is Libby (Martin) McBeth. I’ve thought of you several times through out the years. I remember you loving to draw even then. With your little braided pig- tails. I hope your doing well. My email address is if you would like to write or text back. (6012731046)

    • Libby, of COURSE I remember you! Thank you for finding me, and for remembering me so sweetly. I’m honored. I’m a terrible Facebooker, and as you can see from this blog I’m a little behind in the art world too, but I’d love to know how you are and how life is treating you. I will be posting more here in the future, but I will email you at the address you sent. Thank you again!

  18. Libby, of COURSE I remember you! Thank you for finding me, and for remembering me so sweetly. I’m honored. I’m a terrible Facebooker, and as you can see from this blog I’m a little behind in the art world too, but I’d love to know how you are and how life is treating you. I will be posting more here in the future, but I will email you at the address you sent. Thank you again!

  19. Jen,
    It’s been a look time since I’ve visited over the BRF shop counter. Fall of 2010 to be exact. Think about you as I pass the G.C. on my rambling in & out of YNP. I’ m still
    9 in West area in July. Keep painting & posting. Maybe we’ll cross paths again.

  20. Jim, you appeared at a magical moment for me. Look what you made me paint. I’m posting again!! I miss your perfect blend of warmth and mischievous twinkle. Thank you. Hope to see you this summer. You are special to me.

      • Thank you! And for the record, from your donkey post – I’ve never been able to find a good hairstyle either. It’s always been sort of wild. Now it’s thinning out, so I’ll probably cut it off within a few years.

      • Running had been my second religion ever since I came to the states, but arthritis is getting the best of me, so I Ride more horses now.
        I am a firm believer of individual biomechanics- you can’t pick a shoe solely based on your arch/weight/weekly mileage. There’s a lot more kinesiology involved 🙂
        Take your best pick, then don’t be afraid to test another. The body, and stride, will change with more miles, and you may need different shoes down the line…
        I run exclusively in ASICS. Only ones for me. Usually Kayanos.

        Ultimately, the most important thing is to do it 🙂

  21. When I saw Who Me? at the Emerson last week he begged me to take him home, but unfortunately was already spoken for. Do you do consignment work or foresee doing another bunny in the near future?

    Love your work,

    Laura Eaton

    • Laura, thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I’m so glad you saw my work at the Emerson and looked me up! I have several rabbits in the works – I can let you know as I finish them? I may take on a couple commissions this fall but I hope you see something you like before then! Thanks again!

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