Un Poco Loco

A Little Bit Crazy, Watercolor, 4″ x 8″ original, SOLD

A lot crazy is no bueno. A little crazy? It frees you up to take a risk now and then. Do a thing unconventionally. Look from a different angle and find hidden beauty. Take yourself less seriously, embrace the unexpected, choose a weird color, love your neighbor as yourself. If you can appreciate your own sort of crazy, you probably have a smidge more tolerance for someone else’s, right? A little bit crazy lets you say yes more often, give a thing a chance, give a person a chance. I think it skews the frame for right and wrong just a little, a little to the right I hope, and makes the difference between them more genuine, more personal because it’s no longer society deciding – it’s your crazy heart of hearts, which I would like to think holds the bar higher than the collective public out there ever would. A little crazy makes you swim in cold water, say I love you first, stand up on your bike pedals, tell the truth without blinking, open your heart to an extra animal when you already have plenty, take on a challenge when life is just fine the way it is. Wear what you want, sing along, start traditions, dream big, cross the great divide. A little crazy? It’s surprising and delightful. Un poco loco es muy bueno. And very fun to say.



  1. Hi Jen, I am now the proud owner of this little guy;))) I’m happy to swing by and pick him up to save you the time of shipping. Also I’ve been dealing with some framing lately and definitely need some guidance. Let me know what you recommend for cheap framing. Amber Smith

  2. This bison is one of my favorites! Have you thought about making more cards with your watercolor beasts? Sign me up to share your joyous works with others. As always your words are wonderful too. And that’s no bull.

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